Founded by VFX Supervisor Landon Bootsma, BOOTVFX is a compact visual effects studio based in Vernon BC, focused primarily on compositing for Feature Film, Episodic TV and Commercial Advertising.

We are a team of highly accomplished, award winning compositors who pride ourselves on the ability to achieve success in facilitating large projects under very tight deadlines.

Our passion is to provide smart solutions to enrich your shots, making them not only look perfect, but believable and coherent with your storytelling.

We collaborate to develop and deliver the highest level of quality on-time and on-budget, with the outstanding service you expect from a world-class company.


Landon Bootsma, Founder & VFX Supervisor

In 2003, Landon Bootma’s began his career in the VFX industry as a 3D artist for a small company called Harwood. Since then he has moved steadily up through the ranks in the world of compositing working for some of the largest production houses this planet has to offer- ILM, Weta, Technicolor, Sony and MPC to name but a few. Landon’s extensive experience has taken him to every corner of the world- Sydney, Wellington, London and of course Vancouver.

Outside that of work, Landon’s life is as dynamic as the shots he lends to create. With his passion for the mentorship of others, he has devoted his free time to the Art Institute of Vancouver and the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in his role as VFX Instructor. He also sat on the board of Visual Effects Society as social chair and on the board of non profit organization Working Gear. He also joined the management team at the Winter Olympics in Sochi and fought in the Aprons for Gloves Charity boxing event in 2014 and he won!

In 2016, Landon decided to return to his roots and settle in Vernon, BC where he opened up his own studio BOOTVFX and has enjoyed continued success ever since.

Landon has a strong work ethic, a sincere approach to serve and is excited to innovate and make better anything that comes his way.

Niamh Lennon, Producer

Niamh (pronounced Neeve) Lennon, comes to Bootvfx with 12 years experience in the production of Animation and VFX. Niamh who originates from Ireland, started her career working for a Dublin based studio called Brown Bag Films.

8 years ago, Niamh moved to Vancouver BC, with a clear goal to work on the biggest and best projects the world had to offer and that she did. Working on the visual effects for Academy Award winning Life of Pi in 2012 was a highlight in her career to date as well as her latest role as Production Supervisor on the LEGO Movie Sequel for Warner Brothers.

Throughout her years in the industry, Niamh has acquired a comprehensive knowledge in budgeting and scheduling on projects of all size and scope across various platforms within the TV, movie, advertising and marketing divisions. 

Driven by a powerful combination of intuition, creative thinking, sharp analytical skills and logical problem-solving, Niamh inspires and motivates herself and those around her to proactively plan for the future, adapt quickly to change, and to consistently look for new ways to innovate.

Milton Muller

With over 16 years in the industry, is one of Bootvfx’s leading artists. He has extensive experience supervising and coordinating teams of compositors, 3D artists and matte painters from pre-production through to post-production on feature films, television, music videos, and commercials.

His background in traditional drawing, painting, animation, basic programming and the latest in computer graphics helps to ensure that quality exceeds production standards, delivering on time and on budget. Being self-motivated, organized and enthusiastic, he finds the most efficient ways to produce visuals that are as realistic, fantastical or cartoonish as the project requires.

His passion to produce outstanding images and art in production fuel his career path and he is excited to do this work creatively from the Okanagan, as an integral part of the Bootvfx team.

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